25 Jan 2011

Body Shop Perfume Oil Discontinued: Customers Boycotting Store  


I found out today that The Body Shop have discontinued their perfume oils. Whoever made this ludicrous decision should be sacked. As one poster, Teri, wrote on Body Shop Employee Favourites:

The perfumed oils were the only item that drew me in to shop at The Body Shop, so I won’t be returning unless the essential oils are brought back.

On just this thread alone, customer after customer is boycotting Body Shop due to their singularly unrobust product range decision to discontinue their perfume oils. I am just one amongst many who will not shop at The Body Shop again until they bring back their oils. Their coconut, satsuma and juma oils are the only reason I ever went into The Body Shop in the first place. I am not alone. Carrie Cox wrote:

It is the only thing I go into your store to buy and usually come out with something else too. Now I have no reason to go to your store.

And Stephanie wrote:

I’m sososososo diasapointed that you discontinued the satsuma body oil why why why.. It goes so well with the body butter and shower gel. I will not be shopping back in this store for that reason.

And from Shelley:

The Body Shop was always known for their perfumed oils. Now that they are gone, to me The Body Shop is no different than any other Bath specialty store. Which then leads me to ask :why bother going to The Body Shop? 

Body Shop, over the years you got so many things right. Now, you've got it wrong. This is an indication that there is a weakness in The Body Shop strategy and a clear lack of robust initiative in the company. Very telling. This could be the beginning of the end for them.

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32 comments: to “ Body Shop Perfume Oil Discontinued: Customers Boycotting Store

  • Sat Apr 30, 10:52:00 am BST  

    I went into the body shop today to buy my all time favourite perfume oil as i just ran out "Ananya" only to find out it has been discontinued.
    I am so disappointed as i have been buying these oils for over 10 years and just dont understand why you would get rid of such a great product. Sadly i will not be shopping at the body shop anymore until the oils come back!

  • Tue Jun 07, 01:27:00 am BST  

    please bring back the dewberry perfume oil.
    actually bring back all your perfumes. that is what made bodyshop so special.

  • Wed Jul 13, 08:41:00 pm BST  

    Coconut perfume oil......gone. I am about to trawl the internet to see if someone out there knew about this in advance and stocked up and may like to share!

  • Mon Aug 08, 11:46:00 am BST  

    It is such a shame!! I smelt the coconut oil on a friend the other day and it smelt so amazing! I'm so disappointed that I can't purchase it. I loved their oils. Very unhappy and yes, now there is no reason to return to their shop.

  • Wed Sep 28, 11:09:00 am BST  

    i was just looking for their strawberry perfume oil, and i feel like crying now that i hear it has been discontinued.

  • Mon Oct 10, 08:00:00 pm BST  

    Went to Body shop today, to top up on my perfume oils just to find out they've discontinued them all... Couldn't believe it, got no reason to shop there any more... Who makes these silly decisions? Agree they need to be sacked.... Bought the oils for the past 26years:-(

  • Tue Nov 08, 12:53:00 am GMT  

    I used to work for the body shop, they used to have such a huge range of perfumed oils, and yet like all the other great products they used to have they discontinued 99% of their range! Sandlewood, dewberry, ananya, vanilla, no debate edt, seaweed & loofa exfoliating soap just to name a few...why, why, why body shop! Since Anita passed away you've really lost touch with your customers wants and needs...I say this with an extremely heavy heart, bad form body shop, bad form!

  • Mon Nov 21, 04:16:00 am GMT  

    Not Happy Jan! The Body shop in Melbourne only have 2 oils; White Musk and Vanilla
    Are these going too?

  • Fri Dec 16, 09:22:00 pm GMT  

    WHO IS MAKING THESE DECISIONS?!! The mango perfume oil was hands down the best smelling perfume on the market. I've spent hours scouring the internet for anyone who might still have this product in stock with no luck. How many people will it take to make the higher-ups realize what a horrible"business" move they've made. For shame!

  • Fri Dec 23, 06:55:00 pm GMT  

    I used to use the cocnut oil for years and then they bloody discontinued it. Also used to use the seaweed and loofah soap and they decided to discontinue that as well!!?? Whats wrone with the damn company? Since Anita died and L'oreal took over they no longe rlet you refill your perfume bottles (the oil ones) wich was a part of the whole ethos of Bodyshop-recycling etc. I no longer use their products as feel really let down X

  • Wed Dec 28, 07:46:00 am GMT  

    Yes, Anita would be turning in her grave. L'Oreal, whoever is making these decisions should be SACKED, you're not listening to your customers and this is reflecting very badly on L'Oreal's public image. L'Oreal, you're not worth it:


    > L'Oreal's link to Nestlé - it owns 26% of the company - is also a concern. Nestlé is the subject of a long-running boycott because of its marketing of breast milk substitutes and is the UK's most boycotted company. Baby Milk Action, which coordinates the international Nestlé Boycott over the company's aggressive marketing of baby foods will be adding Body Shop to the list of brands from which the company profits. Mike Brady, Campaigns and Networking Coordinator at Baby Milk Action said: "Many Nestlé boycott supporters will be dismayed if the takeover goes ahead and we have to add Body Shop to list of brands from which Nestlé profits. In a global Internet vote last year Nestlé was proclaimed the world's 'least responsible company'. How could the Body Shop, with its proclaimed ethical values, have fallen into its hands? We are asking supporters to send messages to Anita Roddick asking her to reconsider."

  • Thu Jan 19, 06:49:00 am GMT  

    I journeyed into the city today to refill my absolute favourite Japanese Musk Oil. It was my signature fragrance for over 15 years. It also has been discontinued...why?!! I am so NOT happy! Another disappointed customer who will never return to the Body Shop.

  • Mon Feb 27, 07:09:00 am GMT  

    Bring back the coconut perfume oil.. why take these oils off? they make up the store and we NEED these oils and therefore we r the store!!! BRING IT BACK~~ BRING IT BACK! coconut perfume oil!! PLEEZZZEEEEE!!!

  • Mon Feb 27, 07:12:00 am GMT  

    I have been using coconut perfume oil for many years!! please bring this beautifuly scented much needed oil back to your stores.. in Cananda too..especially halifax nove Scotia...please!! I dont want to quit shopping at your store..i beleive you will comply to your customer!!

  • Tue Mar 06, 06:06:00 am GMT  

    you are FREAKIN' kidding me....
    i went online to buy my patchouli oil... is it there... no... i used to sell BS too... damn it... i want my patchouli oil

  • Mon Apr 16, 02:05:00 am BST  

    Now all they sell is those wishy-washy eau de toilette fragrances which you have to keep re-applying every five minutes... And they smell cheap. I want them to bring back the perfume oils. They were so beautiful and long-lasting!

  • Mon Jul 02, 09:39:00 pm BST  

    I stopped shopping at Body Shop when they discontinued Wood Musk - never went back.

  • Tue Jul 17, 09:17:00 pm BST  

    I was buying the ananya perfume oil for over 15 years. My favorite part of that store was their oil bar. I was devastated when I found out they had discontinued their oil. I wrote headquarters and got nothing but a bag of samples and a letter. They should warn the public so we can stock up. but there was no reason to discontinue this scent, it hardly sat on the shelves. Very very disappointed.

  • Sat Sep 01, 04:56:00 am BST  

    I was so upset when I went in to their store to replace my lost bottle of Satsuma perfume oil. The associate who told me it was discontinued said they were replacing it with body mist. Yeah they're just trying to make more money off of us because everyone knows body mist lasts like 30 mins and the oil lasted all day long. I'm very irritated...

  • Mon Nov 26, 10:53:00 pm GMT  

    v.upset no ananya at the shop. won't be going back, there is nothing of any substance left in the bodyshop, nothing to carry it, no signature products!

  • Sat Dec 08, 05:36:00 am GMT  

    why in the world would you discontinue something as good as your perfume oilS! I to was in total shock when i went in to purchase the vanilla and the patchouli and was told we arent carrying them anymore !!! WHAT THE HELL??? i always bought other items once i was in there!!! NOT ANYMORE !!! NO REASON TO EVEN GO BACK !!! PLEASE BRING THESE OILS BACK !!!

  • Sat Dec 08, 05:46:00 am GMT  

    I have used the vanilla and patchouli oil for years and loved it ! i have had people stop and ask me what perfume i had on and to write it down what it was and where they could purchase it . i still have a tad bit in old bottles that i couldnt bear to toss out even though they were empty with just a drop left in them , so i still have people ask ALL THE TIME where they can buy it and have to tell them they cant !!! iv tried others that dont even come close to the quality of the body shops !! PLEASE BRING THE OILS BACK !!!!!!

  • Wed Dec 12, 10:14:00 am GMT  

    I found out today when Christmas shopping that the body shop has discontinued their perfume oils. I couldn't believe it ! Ananya, oceanus, dewberry, strawberry and mango being my favourites and they are all gone. Does anyone know why ? There has to be a good reason for this. Devastated.

  • Wed Dec 12, 10:30:00 am GMT  

    I found out today when Christmas shopping that the body shop has discontinued their perfume oils. I couldn't believe it ! Ananya, oceanus, dewberry, strawberry and mango being my favourites and they are all gone. Does anyone know why ? There has to be a good reason for this. Devastated.

  • Thu Dec 20, 07:04:00 am GMT  

    Yes, I've worn the Mango oil since 1989. I know its just a scent but it becomes a part of who you are. As silly as it sounds I actually cried when I went to replenish my bottle and found it was no longer. Please, Body Shop...if you will not carry this line any longer could you please bring it back as some kind of "limited time special"..Like for Christmas or something when we know we can always get it at that time. Please, please, PLEASE!

  • Wed Apr 03, 02:08:00 pm BST  

    Gutted they have stopped selling them, but you can still buy them on eBay thank god.

  • Fri May 17, 09:49:00 am BST  

    Gutted the perfume oils are discontinued, will not be shopping in there until they are brought back. x

  • Fri May 17, 09:50:00 am BST  

    Is there any petitions to bring the oils back?, im sure lots of people would sign. x

  • Fri Jul 05, 12:31:00 am BST  

    The sellers who claim that the BS oils they're selling on ebay (decanted into small bottles from a large one apparently), are fake.

    I bought Japanese Musk from two of the sellers (I think they're the same person btw), and both were crap. There wasn't the sweetness of the real thing, the smell lasted less than a minute and it turned to a disgusting cheap musky smell.

    BS need to bring the oils back. I've been using Japanese Musk since the early 90s and now I have to pay extortionate prices for bottles when they appear on ebay (AUTHENTIC bottles).

    I haven't shopped at the store since L'Oreal took over and probably won't again unless they bring back the fragrance oils.

  • Tue Feb 11, 09:24:00 am GMT  

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    Good post.

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    The Body Shop Perfume.


  • Sat Apr 26, 03:18:00 am BST  

    I was absolutely in love with there coconut oil and then they just discontinued it. Wtf not cool will not shop there again...I periodically walk on ask if they carry the oil they usually state nope and I walk right back out! Gay!!!!

  • Sat Apr 26, 03:21:00 am BST  

    I fell completely and absolutely in love with the coconut oil and they discontinued it. I would wear that would secret tropical radiance body spray and there both discontinued now. Not impressed. I refuse to shop at the body shop now and will periodically walk in ask if they have it back yet they state nope and I walk back out empty handed. They need to at least if they won't bring it back full time stock the hell up during special times of the year and if so walk in with like $1000 and drop it and stock myself up for the year. :(

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